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Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Litigation

At Schiffer & Buus, we know the importance of protecting, developing, and maximizing our clients' most important assets: their ideas. Our clients choose us to represent them in their high stakes intellectual property litigation matters because of our effective, efficient approach to defending their rights. Schiffer & Buus handles complex litigation involving patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, and unfair competition. Schiffer & Buus is always mindful of litigation costs, such that our attorneys make every effort to continually balance our clients' potential exposure or recovery against the costs of defense or prosecution in any given case. Our goal is to always make decisions that are in the best economic interests of our clients. Our extensive experience in handling intellectual property matters includes the following:

Securing a $2.89 million verdict in a trademark infringement suit;

Successfully prevailing in an opposition proceeding before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board regarding our client's use of a trademark, resulting in registration of the trademark application;

Negotiating a settlement on the eve of trial in a multi-million dollar complex trade dress and trade secret case, resulting in no monetary payment by our client;

Reducing the exposure at trial in a trademark/ trade dress case from over $100 million to $7 million.

Multiple favorable settlements in the face of liability for patent, copyright, trademark and trade dress infringement cases.

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